Philips’ Personal Health Program launched with smartwatch

Philips has launched a series of devices that connect to the Health Suite app on your iPhone to keep an eye on your health in many ways. No detail is skipped.

Philips smartwatch

Philips revealed last year at IFA a number of smart devices under the heading ‘Personal Health Program’. This program is now officially launched. This is a smartwatch, but also include scales, and a thermometer. All devices come together through the Health Suite app on your iPhone, so you can get help with improving your lifestyle.

At the center is the Health Watch, a smartwatch that focuses on keeping an eye on your health. The watch not only keeps your heart rate accurately, with a precision that must be better than the other smart watches on the market, but also measures how you sleep and how much you walk, run, or cycle. The scale is also more than a device to calculate your weight, because it analyzes your entire body, for example, the percentage of body fat. There are two devices to measure your blood pressure and there is an ear thermometer. Although there are several devices on the market that offer such opportunities, Philips relies on the connecting factor with the Health Suite app.


With the app, you can see a clear progression, by elements like to combine your steps volume, heart rate, and weight. Then you can set goals and try to ask more of your body while the app gives feedback. Philips says that the app can coach you personally by your behavior it analyzes and motivates you to go back to work. The devices work with the app from iOS 8. Starting this month, the Philips smartwatch and other devices will be sold in the United States, Europe follows later.


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