Pebble Time and Time Round get new features and emojis

The Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round get new features and emoji. To this end, Pebble has given its app, plus the firmware of the smartwatch itself an update. There are many new features.

iPhone App

iPhone users will first notice that the app has received a major update. There are navigational tabs located at the bottom of the screen, so now it can be easily switched between screens with dials, apps, and notifications. The app now supports six languages and users can now quickly filter the apps that can send notifications.

Jumbo emoji

The firmware for the smartwatch itself, which can be installed via the app on the watch, has now “jumbo emoji” support. That means, if you just send an emoji to someone, it brings a huge emoji on the screen. Furthermore, there is a refinement included for Health features in the watch and a bug is fixed causing the usage of lot of data.

Pebble Time Round

The firmware brings the watches to version 3.10. The Pebble Time Round has received the update as well. Pebble has promised additional features and also promised a smoother operation of the smartwatch.

Source: iMore

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