Nourish makes nutritious shakes based on your health apps

Apple Watch may make you aware about your health, but only filling the three circles of the Health app is not enough: good nutrition is equally important, and is an area where Nourish will lend a hand.

At first glance, the Nourish looks like a huge Apple Watch which you can put away in the kitchen. In reality, this involves a computerized nutrition coach, using the right ingredients on the basis of your health to prepare a shake. The device has a 15-inch touchscreen that shows information about your health with widgets that allow you to customize it.

Transparent spheres

An accompanying Nourish app for your iPhone and Apple Watch keep track of your activities such as Apple’s Health app does and uses powder in the 16 transparent balls to mix a drink. You can put this composition into a glass of water and drink immediately.

You can compose the content of this sixteen capsules yourself, and the app gives you tips on what combinations you must use to have the desired effect. This consideration makes Nourish based on what you eat, how often you exercise, your heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns. The device takes this information out of the apps on your iDevice.

According to the makers of the Nourish, the capsules contain enough powder to hold out for a month, after which you will be notified through a notification to replenish.

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Flexible Funding

The IndieGoGo campaign for Nourish has been launched yesterday, though we must warn that it is a so-called Flexible Funding campaign.

This means you may not get back your money donated if the target is not achieved. Investing now in the Nourish is riskier than some other crowdfunding projects, although that way you can pick a copy for $299, which according to its creators saves you $350.

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