Million Fitbit Alta and Blaze- fitness trackers sold in first month

Fitbit has sold already a million Fitbit Blaze and a million Fitbit Alta fitness trackers within a month after the launch of the two devices. A resounding success.

Fitbit Blaze: eighteen prices

In a press release, Fitbit announces proudly that consumers are impressed with the new devices. As the Fitbit Blaze won eighteen prizes during the CES trade show in January, and on gives 82 percent of the 1200 Fitbit Blaze buyers the highest rated device: four or five stars.

Fitbit Alta sold in three weeks 1 million

The Fitbit Alta, a little simpler and cheaper fitness tracker did even better. This tracker pulled out all the magical threshold of one million units sold within three weeks. It is one of the most popular trackers in its category and 78 percent of the customers that purchased the device on gave it a 4 or 5-star review.

“Expectations exceeded”

Fitbit reports that sales have surpassed the expectations of the company. The Fitbit Blaze is on currently the best selling device in both smartwatch- as the heart monitor class.

Best-selling wearable

Woody Scal of Fitbit: “The positive response we’ve received to Blaze and Alta demonstrates our continued ability to innovate and drive strong demand for Fitbit® products, which is what has made and kept us the leader in the global wearables category.”


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