Medisana BS 430 Connect

Brief specifications

Description Details
Display Digital
Weight Range 100 g
Analysis software Yes – online
Measuring body fat Yes
Measurement muscle Yes

Positives and negatives

  • Using body analysis, the scale measures your body fat percentage, body water, bone mass, and muscle mass. (+)
  • The BMI measurement reflects the relationship between your weight and height. (+)
  • Through user profiles, your values are assessed on personal characteristics such as age and height. (+)
  • With the VitaDock + app for your smartphone, you view your test results back and set a personal goal. (+)
  • There is no memory on the scale to see earlier measurements back and track your progress. (-)
  • The scale does not have a slip-resistant surface for safely mounting and dismounting. (-)

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Medisana BS 430 Connect Description

The Medisana BS 430 Connect does not just understand your body weight. Besides the standard weight measurement, it also performs other body analyzes. Through the four sensors that are incorporated into the glass surface, it also calculates your BMI, fat and water content and bone mass. Download first the app on your smartphone and turn on your Bluetooth. Thus, you can analyze all the readings on your phone or iPad. It is now easier to lose weight or monitor your body weight.

Included in the package

  • 4 AAA batteries
  • Instructions

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