Measure how much water you drink with the Pryme Vessyl

Do you need a ‘smart’ cup to know if you drink enough water? For $100 Pryme Vessyl gives you the answer. It could also cheaper: put a liter bottle of water at your desk and make sure you drunk two bottles at the end of the day.

As with many products that are called “smart” these days, this new cup has actually not much intelligence. It is simply a measuring device that tracks how many cups of water you drink.

Actually Pryme Vessyl is an intermediate solution. Producer Mark One was in recent years engaged in a more complex version of the Vessyl, which can also determine the nutritional value and strength of drinks. For example, you could measure how strong the coffee is. The Vessyl was a huge success on Kickstarter and in early 2015 it would already be delivered to the first customers. But things turned out differently: the production of the Vessyl proved more complicated than expected and the cup had to be postponed until later in 2015. It is uncertain whether the Vessyl ever will be released because since then did not have any new messages. To keep investors and other stakeholders busy, there is now the Pryme Vessyl, a cup that is less ambitious.

With the Pryme Vessyl, you measure how much water there is in the cup and how many sips you take. With the corresponding app, it lets you see if you’re on the right track. It takes into account your height, age, weight, and gender. You can also enter how much you sleep and sport because the water needs of everyone is different. An algorithm calculates what is optimal for you.

You’ll have to make some effort to get your hands on this Pryme Vessyl because it is initially only available in a number of Apple Stores in the US and Canada. The maker of Vessyl promises more energy, improved concentration, improved skin, mental balance, and more benefits if you use the cup. But everyone who takes care of his body and consumes enough water, tea, or other healthy drinks does not really have to care.

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