Lumo Run: these shorts provide feedback on your running style

The trend in fitness trackers is that they are increasingly being used in sportswear. Think of a sensor in your shoe, a sports Bh, or shirt. The Lumo Run adds something extra to it. These running pants not only captures your workout data but also corrects your running style.

The Lumo Run combines special running pants with a multifunctional sensor. In the waistband are small capsules, which collects your motion data. You read via an app the average pace, the stride length, and the movement of your hips. The waterproof sensors are also waterproof, so you can stop the pants in the washing machine. A full battery will last a month.

On a smartphone, you read the sensor data via Bluetooth. Plus, you can also listen to a live analysis of your gait and running style. The idea was developed in collaboration with sports scientists at Loughborough University (UK).

Lumo Run: from $99
From March, the first Run-Lumo trousers are delivered to customers. Early buyers pay $99 instead of the normal price of $159. The trousers are suitable for both men and women.

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