Jabra puts a fitness coach in your ear

Jabra has released new earphones, giving you real-time directions on your sports performance. Because there is a motion sensor, the earbuds know what you’re up to.

Jabra earphones

Jabra earbuds
The emphasis is much more on the measurement of your movement.

Burpees, lunges, squats, and planks … whatever you do, the Jabra Sport Coach earplugs notice that you are busy. Through an app, you get personal coaching with your movements. The earphones are available in three colors: blue, yellow and red. They are made so that they do not fall out of your ears, even if you are doing an intense workout. You can buy them for around 200 dollars.

The Jabra Sport Coach is the successor to the Jabra Sport Pulse, which entered the market last year. In the new model, there is no built-in heart rate monitor, but that makes the price also much lower. The emphasis is much more on the measurement of your movement. It comes with an app that can measure sports like running, cycling and cross training. The list of possible activities is quite long, so you can do a lot with it. There are some standard workouts, and you can create your own workout. While performing the exercises you can listen to music via Spotify. But you also hear a voice that tells you what to do. On the screen of your smartphone you can see how to perform the exercise.

With each exercise, you need to perform a number of repetitions or you have to keep going for a few minutes. Then you automatically jump to the next exercise. By tapping the earbuds, you indicate that you are done. So measuring movements has its limitations because otherwise the earbuds could actually determine themselves if you were done with the exercises.

The app is free and can be downloaded by anyone. If you are looking for an app with training programs, you do not even need to buy these expensive Jabra ear plugs, but you can already get started with your current earbuds. In the app, you can also find a Cooper test, with which you can determine how fit you are in 12 minutes.

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