Golfing with the PIQ sensor

There are many golf sensors with which you can measure your swing. The new golf sensor PIQ offers something extra: you can measure with it the distance too. There’s a lot of technology in the device: NFC, GPS, Bluetooth and a motion sensor with 13 axes ensure that every stroke is now measured in detail.

The PIQ has an LED screen where you can see exactly where you stand on the green. The manufacturer cooperates with Mobitee, which can provide data on 35,000 courses. You measure at the same time also the swing of each shot, such as the speed of the club, altitude, time in the air, and more. If you use one of the included NFC tags to attach your golf clubs, the sensor can also determine with which club you’ve beaten. Before you do a turn, tap with the club against the sensor, all data is immediately transferred via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Actually, the sensor measures anything around golf. You get access to Mobitee to analyze the data, but there are several apps that you can use. The PIQ wave sensor will cost €199 in advance in European countries; Then the price goes up to €269.

Later this year PIQ is yet to deliver more sensors, for two other sports. On the website of the manufacturer, you can see that they also offer sensors for tennis, basketball, football and other sports. Even snowboarding can be measured with this sensor.

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