Garmin Vivofit jr. Is a fitness tracker for youth

Garmin has announced a fitness tracker for young people: Garmin Vivofit Jr. The tracker is designed for children aged four to nine years. Meanwhile, parents can view statistics of their children and also challenge them via the free application.

This is the Garmin Vivofit jr.

Garmin Vivofit jr. is a fitness tracker for children aged four to nine years. The tracker should make it fun for kids to keep moving throughout the day, by giving them a cool gadget with a screen, which also looks fun. The device keeps track of the standard stuff, like how many steps the child walked and the time slept. The Vivofit jr. can help children remember that they must be active sixty minutes daily. The monochrome display can be viewed properly in the sun.

Garmin Vivofit jr.
Garmin Vivofit jr.

Also, the Garmin Vivofit jr. is suitable for swimming or showering, provided no large temperature differences. With the free app, parents can keep their children in the eye and challenge them with exercises and goals that everyone remains active in the family. When assignments are completed, then the kids get digital coins which they can use to download digital rewards, picked out by parents. The fitness tracker is already supplied with a standard set of tasks and chores to complete.

Pricing and Availability

Garmin Vivofit jr. is available later this year in the US at a cost of $79.99 and will also be available at toy stores.

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