Fitbit Blaze is the ugliest fitness watch so far

Fitbit has become the leader of pedometers and fitness gadgets. But the newly announced Fitbit Blaze is quite remarkable …. The Fitbit Blaze is a smart watch, which you can use as a fitness tracker. The square watch has strange, cut corners, and although you can adjust the straps and the screen edge, you are stuck with a watch that has not exactly a sophisticated look.

We previously saw plastic sports watches that were not beautiful, but they were the cheap plastic ones where you do not have too many demands and you only wear them during exercise. That is not the case with Fitbit Blaze: it should be a luxury watch that you can wear with a suit.

Fitbit Blaze: limited as smart watch

The Fitbit Blaze is measuring your activities throughout the day: number of steps and stairs, sleeping habits, and calorie consumption. It also measures your heart rate and record all sorts of sports like running, cycling, tennis, fitness, basketball and more. You can receive alerts on this watch, but its functionality is more limited than an Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, or other smart watches for general use where you can, for example, install apps. What you can do however: reject calls, control music, and view notifications. It is also not a real sports watch because there is no GPS in it. Want to know where you have sported? then you should bring a paired smartphone.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch

Fitbit Blaze on the wrist
Last year, Fitbit released the Surge, a fitness watch that can be regarded as a precursor of the Blaze. Which also has a heart rate monitor and can display some notifications, but is not a full smart watch. There is one difference: while the Surge existed from one part, the Blaze actually consists of three interchangeable components: the tracker itself, the bezel, and the watch strap.

The parts do not always fit well with each other, leaving gaps between the tracker and screen edge. It was something people immediately complained about at the announcement. Also on the appearance. This looks more like something from five years ago than the newest fitness watch. The Blaze is otherwise called the first Fitbit color touchscreen. Fortunately, we managed to find a positive point.

The watch will cost $199 in the version with leather strap.

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