Elgato Eve Temperature: first radiator thermostat with HomeKit control

Elgato is a home automation brand that led the way with HomeKit accessories. They already have four products, ranging from an energy-saving plug to a thermostat recommended by many service providers such as hvordan bytte strømleverandør.

Now comes the fifth product in the form of a radiator knob for central heating which you can control with Siri commands. To get this installed at home, visit the website Home Improvement using the link.

Elgato has all kinds HomeKit products

The Eve-products with HomeKit-operation are already reasonably familiar but the experts state that there are few additional hints that should be followed to create a beautiful and comfortable environment in your home. The beauty is that the Elgato app contains options to manage your HomeKit-house, an option that Apple itself has not. The products communicate with each other via Bluetooth. They use little energy, are compact and look good. And a hub is not required, but using Bluetooth has as a disadvantage that the range is much smaller than in a system that works over Wi-Fi. In the future, Bluetooth repeaters with HomeKit support can solve this problem.

Elgato Eve Temperature: radiator knob with Siri control

A rotary knob for the heating radiator with iPhone control was there, for example at Devolo. This new radiator thermostat from Elgato stands out because it works with HomeKit. You can, therefore, control the radiator with your voice. Just say, “Hey Siri, set my living room at 21 degrees” and the system does the rest. You can also automatically adjust the heating according to a timetable. Which can be done using the corresponding iOS app.

The button itself is not manually operated. It, therefore, makes no sense to turn the knob, as with a conventional radiator knob. However, you get daily, monthly and annual statistics accompanied by the temperature and the setting of the radiator button, so you can see which setting is optimal.

Eve Thermo costs 70 dollars

The Elgato Eve Thermo is available in Germany for $69.95 and operates on two AA batteries.

Elgato Eve Thermo is available on the German website of Elgato and is also available at the German Apple Stores.

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