PlayStation Camera is required to play games with PS VR headset

Sony announced that the PlayStation VR headset will cost $399, but who wants to play games with the virtual reality glasses must also purchase a PlayStation Camera. The PSVR is can be used without a camera for watching movies and playing 2D games.

With a suggested retail price of $399, PlayStation VR is a lot cheaper than alternatives to the PC such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In practice, the purchase price for many users will amount to around $460 because to play PlayStation VR games, a PlayStation Camera appears to be a mandatory purchase.


A spokesman for Sony told Tech Insider that in America a bundle consisting of PlayStation VR, Camera, and Move controller will appear. What this kit will cost is not yet known. It seems likely that bundles containing all the necessary accessories, including the console, headset, camera, and controllers will also appear.

It was already known that the PlayStation VR uses the PlayStation Camera for positioning. On the headsets there are nine LEDs and the camera can see where the head of the player is in the space thanks to these LEDs. The same is possible by following the LEDs on the Dualshock- or Move controller with the camera. This position can be used in games, for example, to match the movement of the arms of a virtual character with the actual movements of the user.

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