Healthkit Compatible Apps

Below is a list of Healthkit compatible apps for the iPhone. If you think we missed an app, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Strava Running And Cycling

Strava: Run, Ride, HikeStrava Inc.Health & FitnessFreeDownload

Lifesum Lifestyle tracker

Lifesum: Healthy EatingLifesum ABHealth & FitnessFreeDownload

Runtastic GPS Running, Walking, Jogging, Marathon & Fitness Tracker

adidas Running: Track Cardioruntastic GmbHHealth & FitnessFreeDownload

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle - Sleep TrackerSleep Cycle ABHealth & FitnessFreeDownload

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8 thoughts on “Healthkit Compatible Apps”

  1. Like many users I use gear from different manufacturers and it would be great if Health Kit could utilise data from all of them. In particular I would like the app to include:
    1. The Withing app as a portal for getting data from their excellent wireless scales & activity trackers.
    2. The Garmin Connect app so it can accept activity and sleep data from the likes of Vivosmart.
    3. The Misfit app so it can accept activity and sleep data from the Misfit Shine.

    Note the reviews of the Garmin Vivosmart and the Misfit Shine are much better than the Jawbone you do support and hence I believe you are missing many potential users. Similarly, the soon to be released Withings Activité is likely to be very popular and hence should be integrated into Health Kit.

    • The Withings App already can write all of its data – Active/Resting Calories, steps, weights into Other Apps can make use of it there.

      Significant saving in time if you use HealthKit as the ‘hub’. Use the privacy settings to control which apps can write, which can read, and turn off the interrupt Syncing – e.g. Withings to MyFitnessPal seems to take forever to sync. If you make HealthKit the hub, its almost instant.

  2. Are there any architecture documents for healthkit? How does this link up with the Mayo clinic? looking for various integration points so we can have more cohesion end-to-end

  3. I was told by Misfit, that the shine and speedo shine already work with HealthKit. Is this true or not. It doesn’t seem to work.

  4. P Planner Menstrual Tracker by BHI Technologies! Please add this, as for some reason it doesnt sync with Health app or any other apps. It has a ton of users and I, for one, would like to keep that info with all my other health info


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