How to Identify and Manage Your Allergies

How to Identify and Manage Your Allergies

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI), allergy is an overreaction from the immune system to substances that are generally harmless to most people. These substances are called “allergens.” Generally, antibodies – or the “soldiers” comprising the immune system – combat infections and viruses that enter the body to prevent ailments. … Read more


Finding the Balance: Living with Pets and Managing Pet Allergies

We are a nation of pet lovers. However, being a pet owner is not always straightforward. While our pets bring us joy, love and the companionship we need on a daily basis, they also need some training, veterinary care, love, attention, and sometimes, tolerance. You mainly require understanding especially when one is allergic to them. … Read more

Homekit vs Alexa

Alexa vs HomeKit: Rapid deployment and freedom of choice vs more convenience and security

Amazon has rolled out an impressive platform for automation in a short time. The digital assistant Alexa and associated Echo speaker lets you control a variety of devices in the home. Apple chooses with HomeKit a cautious approach with greater emphasis on security and privacy. They have more control over the available accessories that work … Read more