Google Daydream View Games

30 games that you will be able to play with Google Daydream View

Google has announced a list of thirty games that you can play later on Google Daydream View when it is launched. You can count on a virtual reality adventure of the movie Fantastic Beasts, from film producer Warner Bros. 30 games for Google Daydream View When Google officially unveiled the Google Daydream View, the company … Read more

Google Daydream: everything you need to know

Google Daydream: everything you need to know

Daydream Google is Google’s latest attempt to bring virtual reality to mobile devices and will work very differently than Google Cardboard. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the new virtual reality program for mobile devices. What is Google Daydream? Daydream Google is Google’s latest attempt to bring virtual reality … Read more


Xbox One controller can now be used with the Samsung Gear VR

Microsoft has released an update for the Xbox One controller, making it possible to connect the gamepad to the Samsung Gear VR. This has to be the new wireless controller of the console: the white version that comes with the Xbox One S (and also is sold separately). Xbox One controller S and the Samsung … Read more


IFixit: Oculus Rift uses separate screens and hybrid fresnel lenses

The first Oculus Rifts are sent and iFixit has a copy of the VR glasses in hands. The teardown conducted by the website reveals that the consumer version of the VR goggles features twin OLED panels and uses hybrid Fresnel lenses. Oculus Rift Teardown The Oculus Rift displays images at a resolution of 1080×1200 pixels … Read more


PlayStation VR: everything you need to know

PlayStation VR is a virtual reality glasses for the PlayStation 4, which works with the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this VR headset. This PlayStation VR Before we knew the PlayStation VR headset as we know it, the unit went through life … Read more


Sony only certifies PlayStation VR games if they don’t drop below 60fps

Developers who want to release games for the PlayStation VR must ensure that the frame rate will amount to a constant 60fps. During the Game Developers Conference, Sony announced that games that don’t meet this requirement will not get PSVR certificate. I know I’m going to get flagged for this,” Norden said to a packed … Read more


PlayStation Camera is required to play games with PS VR headset

Sony announced that the PlayStation VR headset will cost $399, but who wants to play games with the virtual reality glasses must also purchase a PlayStation Camera. The PSVR is can be used without a camera for watching movies and playing 2D games. With a suggested retail price of $399, PlayStation VR is a lot … Read more