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Withings has not only fitness trackers but also as blood pressure monitors that can measure your blood pressure at home. The problem is how you interpret the blood pressure measurements and when you decide it’s time to go to the doctor? Withings has found a smart algorithm that allows you to better determine whether there is something wrong.

Withings blood pressure measurement Hy-Result

Difficult about collecting data is that you also have to interpret the results. When the measurement is done on scales it’s still doable, but to give a meaning to the blood pressure measurements, you surely must have some medical knowledge. Withings Hy-Result is an algorithm that helps people with high blood pressure to interpret the results. You can see whether an intervention has an effect. Hy-Result reads the data from a Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and then determines based on your medical data, lifestyle, and motion stats if it is time to take action. The algorithm is $5 to turn on in the Withings Health Mate app, so you do not need any accessories. In clinical trials, it is tested whether the advice is correct and it turned out to be the same advice in 95.4 percent of cases that a doctor would provide.


Withings thereby is giving medical advice, and that means it is not just for use by anyone. There are strict rules for medical applications. You can use the new function only if you live in the US, Canada, UK or France.

The protocol consists of four steps:
1. Measurement: measure your blood pressure cuff around your arm as usual. You must do three measurements in the morning and three at night, five days in a row.
2. Analyze: Hy-Result uses all sorts of additional data to analyze the data. Think of age, gender, medication, existing diseases such as diabetes, and other factors such as pregnancy.
3. Understand: The app explains whether your blood pressure is too high or the treatment that now follows is effective, etc. The app explains this by using three colored zones.
Communication: you can send the results to a doctor so that they can also look at the data and discuss it with you.

Withings Hy-Result can be a solution for people who need to monitor their blood pressure while not want to visit the doctor very often. Gives the doctor more time for other patients and you as a patient keep the control.

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