Google Fit Compatible Devices and Apps

Are you a Google fan, then you obviously prefer apps and wearables that partner with Google Fit. Here you will find the best wearables and apps for Google Fit.

Google Fit

Google Fit became available in 2014, as opposed to Apple’s HealthKit. Since then, more and more apps and wearable devices have been released that interact with it. Gradually the number of features extended, so it has become an interesting platform to store and share your fitness data with other services. This overview shows the most important apps and wearables that are appropriate for Google Fit.

Google Fit focuses on collecting data, such steps the quantity, weight, and sleep. On Android devices, you can download the Google Fit app; a version for the iPhone is not yet available. Through the app, you can measure all kinds of body data, thanks to the sensors in your smartphone or smartwatch. You can also manually add data, for example, if you work out without a smartphone.

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Wearables for Google Fit

Not everyone has an Android Wear watch to send measurements to Google Fit. These devices and wearables work just as well. Here is a list of Google Fit compatible devices.

Pebble smartwatch: Standard Pebble has no link with Google Fit, but you can get it done through the PlexFit app. This is a fitness app that can capture your walking, running, and cycling.

Pebble Smartwatch Google Fit
Pebble Smartwatch

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Sony Smart Band 2: A fitness tracker from Sony which works well with Google Fit. Affordable and with built-in heart rate monitor.

Sony Smartband 2

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Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse: For budget buyers, there are the products of Xiaomi. For about 25 euros you have a fitness tracker from the Chinese manufacturer, containing all the basic features. The corresponding app is not much, but you can happily send all your data to Google Fit.

Xiaomi Wristband Bracelet Wearable Smartband

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Withings Accessories: Withings has several products to keep your health in mind, all with an app. You can read all sorts of data from the devices Withings puts on the market, such as sleep trackers, blood pressure monitors, and scales. For, example, with the Withings Aura, you measure your sleep behavior and send it to Google Fit.

Withings Aura Smart Sleep System Google Fit
Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

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Moto Sport 360: Any smartwatch that works with Android Wear, is suitable for Google Fit. But if you’re looking for a real sports watch, the Moto 360 Sport is best suited to it. It looks sportier and contains a variety of options to suit your preferences.

Motorola Moto 360 Sport Google Fit
Motorola Moto 360 Sport

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Fossil Q Founder: If you’re looking for a stylish smartwatch that syncs your data to Google Fit, you can better take the Fossil Q Founder instead of the Moto 360 Sport. Powered by Android Wear but looks just like an ordinary watch.

Fossil Q Founder Google Fit
Fossil Q Founder

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Sports Apps for Google Fit

With Google Fit, you can use all kinds of sports and fitness apps. Below you can find the most convenient apps.

Runkeeper: The well known running app. All the important stats of rapid movement to quiet walks.

Runtastic: Runtastic works with almost every service together, including Google Fit. The Runtastic app can import data from Google Fit if you’re using other apps while exercising.

Nike+ Running: This app sends your running data to Google Fit, so you can view and compare later.

Adidas Train and Run: Nike+ archrival. Adidas Train and Run sends all the data to Google. Includes real-time coaching, voice feedback, and personal training schedules for cardio and weight training. This makes it one of the most complete apps on this list.

Strava: Running and cycling, both can be done with Strave. A Strong point of this app is the social component where you have to run a track faster than others.

Map My Fitness: A somewhat less-used running app, which can share your track data, see how many calories you’ve burned and how you progress.

General health apps for Google Fit

You can measure a lot more with Google Fit than steps and heart rate.

Noom Coach: This app will work on weight loss. You can see on the dashboard how much weight you lost and also get an idea if the workouts that you did have a meaning.

Calm: calm focuses on meditation, sleep better and relax. You can choose between meditation sessions, partly paid and free.

Glow: An app to keep track of your ovulation and fertile period. Contains many features and was developed in collaboration with maternity experts.

Cinch Weight Loss: Another app to track your weight. It’s not easy to do with Google Fit, that’s why it’s smarter to use this app. The app is mostly free.

Sleep as Android: the well-known sleep analysis app for Android smartphones. All sleep data is sent to Google Fit, which only recently has been adapted to be able to read these data.

Instant Heart Rate: Measure your heart rate without having to use an expensive transmitter or smartwatch. The app measures using the camera flash, which is accurate enough to give you a good impression.

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