How Fitness Trackers Help

Back in the day there were certain devices to monitor your health. They helped you count your daily steps and others helped keep a watch on your heart rate. Now, in much more modern times, there are fitness trackers and apps that can really help you lead and keep monitor over a much healthier lifestyle. If a healthier lifestyle is what you are aiming for, Research Verified reviews will really help guide you along the way.

How Do Fitness Trackers Help?

There are many ways that fitness trackers help with your health namely:

  • Sleep Tracking
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Step Counting
  • Heart Rate Levels
  • Activity Levels
  • Calorie Burn Count
  • Hydration Levels

How Apps Help

Together with the help of specialized apps, fitness trackers today are very advanced. These specialized Apps can keep track of such specific exercises such as cycling, boxing, elliptical, weights and swimming. And another tip that I love to give is to use some top-quality creatine powder as it really boosts your physical performance.

How these fitness trackers incorporate the apps is through your smartphone as well as other smart devices. There are different apps such as Garmin Connect, Fitbit and Apple’s Health App which can all be used to keep tabs on your progress.

What To Look For In A Fitness Tracker

  • Watch – Not all fitness trackers appear as watches or touchscreens. Some are only built to work with your smartphone.
  • Waterproofing – You may not think about this when looking for the best fitness tracker for you but if you are a keen swimmer you will want to purchase a waterproof fitness tracker. Watches from Garmin normally come with waterproofing.
  • Heart rate monitor – The latest fitness trackers have heart rate monitors. Make sure yours has one too!
  • Accuracy – Nothing is 100% with fitness trackers. You still need to rely on things such as chest-mounted heart rate monitors to get pinpoint accuracy.
  • Battery Life – This may come as a surprise but in comparison to smartwatches, the battery life of these can be from several days to a monumental 6 months!
  • Price – Budget sports bands are available for under $70. Standard fitness trackers are available for just over $135. Smartwatches are available around $200.

The Best Fitness Trackers On The Market

These are the best fitness trackers on the market according to price:
Under $100 :

  • Misfit Ray – this is an interesting looking fitness tracker with a metal tube which can be worn either as a chain or around your neck or as a fitness band. It is waterproof up to 50m. It connects to your smartphone.
  • The Moov Now – This is an activity band with a slim design. It can be placed around your wrist or ankles. It measures many things such as boxing, cycling and swimming. It is quite accurate.

Under $200:

  • FitBit Alta HR – This has a heart rate monitor, step as well as sleep monitor. It also helps monitor diet, hydration levels and daily activity progress and goals. It works with a Fitbit app. It has no waterproofing and has a 7 day battery.

$200 And Up:

  • Apple Watch Series 3 – This is the ultimate in fitness gadgets. It’s great for swimming, running and health tracking. It’s seriously advanced. It can even take emails as well as text messages including WhatsApp. The best thing is, you can make and receive calls from it. Definitely worth its price! The only thing is its short battery life, so you have to carry around a charger with you. also, with the latest massage gun you can improve your performance.

So there you go! If you want to take more control over your health invest in a fitness tracker that suits your budget and start tracking your health now!

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