Your Trainer app allows you to train smarter

Apps can ensure that doing a workout can be fun again. But sometimes you just need a nudge of a personal trainer. One that is not too expensive and takes into account your situation. The app Your Trainer will help you: this app adjusts the workout to your body type, goals, and preferences. Then you get to see a series of short training videos that suit you.

Your Trainer app

Your trainer was invented by Larry Cotter and uses technology, sports science, and behavioral psychology to ensure that you experience all the benefits of a personal trainer through the app. There are more than 3000 short videos in the app, each lasting three minutes. If you put a couple of those videos in succession, it creates a personalized workout, taking into account your personal characteristics (height, weight, age, goals, injuries, and disabilities). You can also specify what you do prefer, for example, no push-ups but burpees are ok. A self-learning algorithm ensures that the exercises are in the correct order.

Yout Trainer app

The self-learning algorithm also ensures that you can specify that a particular practice is for example a strain on your knees or your ankles. The app keeps you in mind and choose the next time form a lighter exercise. For $6.99 per week, $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year you can practice with Your Trainer.

WIll it work just as well as a personal trainer? Yes and no. If you need real personal trainers especially as someone to chat with, then Your Trainer is not really a solution. Want the trainer find exercises especially for you because you’re having trouble choosing, then Your Trainer quite handy.

Your Trainer download

Your Trainer is only available for the iPhone.

Download for iPhone: Your Trainer

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