Tep – Get fit with a giraffe

If you have difficulty with motivation and moving but find it a solitary activity, it may help if you get the help of a friend. Teppy is a giraffe that is going to help every day to get enough exercise. If you sport, the giraffe is also in motion and is much healthier. During daily workouts, you earn coins which you can use to buy new things for the giraffe. A rewarding activity, without being tempted to buy unnecessary things or eat delicious things for yourself.

But Tep is also a serious fitness tracker that you can link with Fitbit and Jawbone. Running, walking, cycling, and other activities can be seen in the app, equipped with distance, time and average speed. You also get to see a map of the location where you are exercising. The app keeps a journal so you can see when and where you’ve been active afterwards.

Tep can also remind you that it is time to work out. If you link the app with Fitbit and Jawbone, you get real-time audio feedback of the app during the workout. The more you move, the more coins you earn to buy food and drink in the store for your pet. There are also caps, shoes, and backgrounds that you can buy for Teppy. If you are in top condition, Teppy is too.

Tep app

Is it good?
The idea behind the Tep app is pretty fun though it may scare some people because of the high infant content. This is an app for adults, although you would not say that at first sight. That there are also serious fitness features in the app and that there is a connection with Fitbit and Jawbone possible makes this app worth consideration. This is not a toy.

For whom?
Looking for something that looks nice and motivates you to keep moving, then Tep is a fun app. Did you used to play a lot with virtual pets and noticed that you thus remained more involved, than Tep is exactly what you need. The app is easy to use and takes less than a minute to start with.

Tep download for iPhone, Android, and Windows
Tep is available on iPhone, Android devices and Windows. You can download the app here:

Tep download for iPhone (free)
Tep for Android (free)
Tep for Windows Phone download (free)

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