Pear Sports makes a personal trainer of the gear S2

Pear Sports has released a new fitness tracking app that turns your Samsung S2 Gear smartwatch into a sophisticated personal trainer. Real-time coaching user should encourage you to better achieve your goals.

A personal trainer is not for everyone and, therefore, its digital alternatives are very welcome. Pear Sports has been working for a while on fitness apps that focus on interactive audio workouts and personal training for running, cycling, and weight training.

The new app from the company is optimized for the Samsung Gear S2 and makes it possible to monitor and record accurately all activities. To get the most out of it, you do need to have a smartphone in your pocket and connect this via Bluetooth with your smart watch.

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The Pear Sports app gives you more insight into the distance, the number of calories burned and heart rate during the activity. Combine this with one of the many personal training programs of the company, which were developed by fitness instructors and professional athletes, and you can move forward in the coming months to achieve your fitness goals.

The Pear Sports app can be downloaded from the Samsung Apps store or Galaxy Gear Samsung Apps store. You get three months access to the professional program which is compiled by ‘elite coaches’.

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