No More Runkeeper DJ, but Spotify Running

Runkeeper DJ is gone. Instead, you will now use Spotify Running if you want to listen to music while running. Is that bad? No, because there was already a lot of overlap.

Spotify Running

In the summer of 2015, Runkeeper announced the new DJ function. From the app, you choose a playlist and you could immediately start listening (and running). Runkeeper used music stored locally on a smartphone for this feature. But now more and more people use streaming music, it is actually very handy as you can select from a much larger music library. If you will like to make your own music to  motivate yourself during work out and also earn some money, here is an article named How To Become a Musician: The Important Tips You Should Know.

This is where Spotify Running comes into play. It was also announced in the summer of 2015 and works in a similar way. But with a collection of millions of songs. Much more than you would have on your smartphone. There is therefore much more choice of songs that match your tempo.

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With Spotify Running, you get playlists recommendations which belong to your walking pace. Also taking into account the songs you’ve listened to previously and the type of music you love. Running Originals playlists can be found in the apps for iPhone and Android. Depending on your type of smartphone tempo is automatically determined or you need to enter at what pace you want to walk (in beats per minute). It is also possible to listen to music that is specifically tailored to different workouts.

Spotify is now working with Runkeeper to build deeper Spotify Running function in the app. Moreover, Spotify worked even with Nike + for Spotify Pace stations. Actually with the same idea: music tailored to your running pace.

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