Instant app shows how much you move and use your smartphone

Are you sitting for a long time slumped on the couch staring at your smartphone? Or are you very active if you use your smartphone? The Instant App will answer that: keeping an eye on your physical activities and links it to the use of your iPhone or Android device.

Previously you had to associate that with each other manually, but Instant takes over that job. The app looks at how often you turn on your smartphone, which apps you use and where you are. You can also track how much time you spend walking, running, and driving. The latter can also be done with an app such as Human.

Instant provides much more information. Per week, you can see how often you use your smartphone and where you’ve been. To gather all that data, the app must Instant must naturally remain active in the background all the time, so your battery will drain faster than normal. But I do not expect that you will use this app a long time. One or two weeks collecting data and you have a nice view.

Instant app

Instant is available for iPhone and Android. Here are the download links:

Instant download for iPhone (paid app)
Instant download for Android (paid app)

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