HealthDash shows health statistics on iPhone and Apple Watch

The iPhone has a health app, which thanks to HealthKit is filled with all sorts of data on sport, movement and body functions. But really it’s not perfect: many graphs must be enabled manually and you can easily lose the overview. Health Dash for Apple Health App tries to be an alternative dashboard for your health data, with more information that you can see on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

HealthDash iPhone
HealthDash on the iPhone

The beauty is that HealthDash also makes a lot of data is accesible on the Apple Watch. That’s unique, because Apple’s own Health app is only available on the iPhone. On the Apple Watch you will only find the apps Activity (for measuring motion, intensive movement and standing) and the app Workout (for active sports). You can still register with dates, but you are looking in vain for statistics and useful overviews. HealthDash wants to tackle that more conveniently. Though you need the relatively new iOS 8.2 for HealthDash, which is a shame. That minimum requirement is needed to support the Apple Watch, but because not many people have the Apple Watch the app makers could also available support iPhones with older iOS versions.

Health Dash: more health data on your wrist

Before you can use HealthDash, you must first connect to Apple’s HealthKit. HealthDash benefits therefore particularly from the data that Apple has already gathered. Want a complete overview, then you must turn on a lot of switches. Think of steps, weight, height, distance walking and cycling and calories burned. HealthDash can then do its work.

HealthDash Apple Watch
HealthDash on the Apple Watch

HealthDash shows the statistics of today, but can also provide a weekly, monthly or annual overview. You choose how you want to view the data. On the Apple Watch you see useful statistics by day, week, month or year. HealthDash shows number of steps, calories burned, distance walked (both walking and running), burning calories at rest, number of floors you climb and number of kilometers cycled. Soon there will be more information , such as heart rate, weight, and sleep patterns.

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