Google Fit now incorporates data from other apps

Google Fit, Google’s fitness platform that is compatible with similar apps, and devices, has received a major update after a long time. With some new features, health becomes even more important.

Google Fit fitness apps

Google Fit was not provided with an update for a while but has now become a lot more functional. New is the so-called ‘Instant Insights”, a feature that allows real-time statistics of your running laps, hikes, and other distances on your Android. Google Fit now tracks under more your speed, pace, and route traveled by which to ensure that you stay motivated to exercise regularly.

More importantly, Google Fit now can integrate data from popular fitness and sleep apps. Examples include MyFitnessPal, FatSecret, Lifesum, and Sleep as Android. Your sleep can also be tracked if you have a smart wristband as the Sony Smart Band 2. Such a device tracks various activities and can now redirect this to Google Fit.

For additional convenience, Fit is now more suitable for strength training. If you have an Android Wear smartwatch, you can keep track of how many push-ups you’ve done on the smartwatch. Google Fit automatically detects when you start moving.

Download Google Fit

The updated Google Fit is rolled out in the coming days to everyone in Google Play. Via the link below you can check if the update is already available for you.

Download Google Fit

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