How to Identify and Manage Your Allergies

How to Identify and Manage Your Allergies

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI), allergy is an overreaction from the immune system to substances that are generally harmless to most people. These substances are called “allergens.” Generally, antibodies – or the “soldiers” comprising the immune system – combat infections and viruses that enter the body to prevent ailments. … Read more

robot vacuum cleaner

Should You Invest In a Robot Vacuum?

For many, robotic vacuums and the Roombas are one in the same. Produced by robotic cleaning maker iRobot, the gadgets have actually been on the market since the company initially debuted it in 2002. Not the most intelligent bots of the lot, early Roombas worked in spiral cleaning patterns, regularly got lost, and weren’t very … Read more


Finding the Balance: Living with Pets and Managing Pet Allergies

We are a nation of pet lovers. However, being a pet owner is not always straightforward. While our pets bring us joy, love and the companionship we need on a daily basis, they also need some training, veterinary care, love, attention, treats like cbd oil for dogs, and sometimes, tolerance. You mainly require understanding especially … Read more

Fitness trackers help

How Fitness Trackers Help

Back in the day there were certain devices to monitor your health. They helped you count your daily steps and others helped keep a watch on your heart rate. Now, in much more modern times, there are fitness trackers and apps that can really help you lead and keep monitor over a much healthier lifestyle. … Read more